CAMP-Festival 2020 | Fried Dähn

Friedemann ‚Fried’ Dähn

Fried Dähn is a cellist, sound artist, and composer working in classical, contemporary, and electronic music.

Between 1990 and 1993, he was cellist of the Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt, where he had the opportunity to work with artists including K.-H. Stockhausen, Ornette Coleman, and Frank Zappa.

In 1992, he became principal cellist of the Wuerttemberg Philharmonic Orchestra. At this time, he also started his career as electric cellist in the fields of new jazz, experimental music, and art rock.

Between 2002 and 2012, he held a professorship in audio design and sound arts at the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Hall. He is cofounder and artistic director of CAMP Festival. He has written orchestral and chamber music, music for film and theater, as well as music for electric cello.

His recent production “now & then” for electric cello will be released in January 2021.