CAMP-Festival 2020 | Thomas Maos

Thomas Maos

Thomas Maos was born in 1964 in Stuttgart, Germany, and works between composition and free improvisation and between popular and experimental music. In 1990, he started to work as a composer of theater music, independent rock and experimental music, and for orchestra (sonic visions, 2013). Thomas Maos is a kind of crossover artist and has been performing in projects with visual artists, actors, writers, dancers, and musicians for the past 25 years. For his performances, he developed his electronic guitar which he uses to create abstract and tonal electronic sound fields.

As a recipient of scholarships in 2003 (Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg) and 2008 (Schloß Solitude Stuttgart), he released two solo albums: chill in drill out (nurnichtnur LC 05245) with solo pieces for electronic guitar and Silent artOrchestra (fastball, sony) with compositions for dobro and electronics.

As an extrapolation of his “Werkstattbühne” NIET for free improvised music Thomas Maos cofounded the international and interdisciplinary in 1999.
Since then, the CAMP Festival has taken place 17 times – in Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria and has become one of Europe’s most innovative festivals. In 2013, CAMP was invited to Salon Suisse at the Biennial in Venice.

Since 1997, Thomas Maos has composed music for more than 20 plays and performed live on stage with musicians, actors, dancers, and artists: In 2017, he won the Theaterpreis Baden-Württemberg with ARIRANG_Wo ist Nordkorea ? / dance – music performance. With Fried Dähn, Thomas Maos has curated the art project SONIC VISIONS for innovative audio-visual projects at franz.K in Reutlingen since 2010.