CAMP-Festival 2020 | Yadanar Win

Yadanar Win

Yadanar Win is a multimedia artist based in Yangon, Myanmar. With an early interest in international exchange, driven by her university studies in English, she joined New Zero Art Space as a collaborative member in 2009. After that, she was not only involved in the culture scene for nine years as an artist, but also organized and coordinated several cultural projects and exchanges.

Her unique ability to seamlessly join her own body to the document of her performance and bring them together into an art object is reflective of her generation’s willingness to experiment with all media and abandon the traditional painting and sculpture so common in the Myanmar art scene.

Her performances are passionate and critical, often citing the plight of Myanmar’s peace process or personal struggles as a young female artist in Myanmar. While participating in several exhibitions local and internationally, she also worked as a cultural coordinator at the Goethe-Institut for two years. She is now an independent artist and organizer of several cultural projects in Yangon.


Selected Exhibitions

-Civil War, Solo performance by 3AM, Yangon, Myanmar.
-TPAM, Tokyo performance art meeting, Yokohama, Japan.
-Stealing Public Place, co-lateral event- Singapore art biennale, The Substation, Singapore.
-Voice of the youth Music Festival, Performance Duo, Yangon, Myanmar.

-Dissensus, Venice international performance art week, C32 performing art space, Venice, Italy.
-Concept, Context and Contestation, The Secretariat, Yangon, Myanmar.
-She, Her, Hers ' , American center, Yangon, Myanmar.
-Feminism & Pop culture networking travel, Goethe-institute, Jakarta, Indonesia.

-Now, Here and Again, The 8th Yeosu international Art festival, Yeosu, South Korea.
-Practical Encounters, Solo performance, Feminism and Pop culture, District Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
-3AM, Group collective multimedia Art exhibition, Myanm/art, gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
-Respect her campaign, "A girl named A Thway" Dramatic Theatre and solo performances, MaHaBaDuLa Public Park, Yangon, Myanmar.

-Thu Thu ko Thu Ei, Mixed media and video art Exhibition, Myanm/art gallery, Yangon, Myanamr.
-Voices of Transitions, Gallery 46, London, United Kingdom.
-Beyond boundaries, American center, Yangon, Myanmar.